A World of Flavor

Kingsley Beverages is an international company with regional offices in the Dubai (UAE); Johannesburg (South Africa); Peterborough (UK) and Houston (USA).

The company was founded in 2007 with the aim of offering consumers a new choice in premium quality beverages at an affordable price. Since the onset, the company has grown rapidly to now offer an extensive range of products including Carbonated Soft drinks, Fruit Juices, Energy drinks, Sports drinks, Ice Teas and Bottled water in all the popular flavors and package options.

Our products are positioned as upscale brands and are marketed as an affordable premium offer to our consumers. It is Kingsley’s mission to continually satisfy our customers with product development, superior quality, great tasting and refreshing beverages.

Kingsley produces, markets and distributes its own range of beverage brands and products across Africa, North America, the Middle East and Europe


Kingsley in North America

As part of our global growth, Kingsley Beverage USA Inc. was registered in Texas in 2018 and is currently distributing a range of our soft drink products through licensed distributors in the US . The company is busy with negotiations to purchase land in Houston, Texas with plans to construct a purpose built beverage plant.

In the meantime, Kingsley has opened offices and leased warehousing from where the company will operate with its own products imported from our other global manufacturing facilities until local production commences. Products produced in Houston will also be exported to Kingsley operations across the globe.

Kingsley is a successful beverage company and its strength lies in the caliber of people it employs, capital investment strategy, quality products at competitive prices, strong brand equity and consumer trust. We are continually building on our extensive product range across all the beverage categories including sparkling soft drinks, water, ice tea, sports and energy drinks and fruit juices.

Our Values

Superior Quality
Quality is the cornerstone of Kingsley’s activities, and should not be compromised. Consumers should always be able to trust the superior quality and taste of our products.
A Natural Choice
Kingsley is committed to using, where possible, only natural ingredients in our products, with a focus on using 100% locally sourced sugar, natural flavours and natural colourings in our products.
It's All About Our Customers
We are in business because of our customers. We are committed to establishing and maintaining profitable partnerships with our customers by providing products they can trust, superior service and effective promotional support for our brands.
A Company of People
Our success lies in our company staying streamlined and efficient. The core to this is our team of highly talented and motivated staff.
The Quest For Excellence
We are determined to be the best we can be, both as a company and as individuals. And will continually strive to seek improvement, unparalleled excellence in our products and new opportunities for business growth.